Next week i’m heading out to NYC to play a lot of shows. Some of them are free, some cost money, some arn’t confirmed yet, so here is a so-far up to date list for you:

Tues, 10/18
Oh My Rockness Party
Cameo Gallery
set time: 11:30 pm
other artists: Wise Blood, Zambri, Beat Connection, Headless Horseman, Evan Voytas

Wed, 10/19
Under the Radar Magazine Party
Public Assembly
set time: 12:45 pm
other artists: Porcelain Raft, Stepkids, Still Corners, Eleanor Friedberger

Thurs, 10/20
Windish Showcase
set time: 9pm
other artists: Geographer, Data Romance, Wise Blood, Penguin Prison, Art vs Science

Surprise Attack Showcase
Spike Hill
set time: 1:30am
other artists: Balkans, Hollerado, The Twees, Beat Make Bomb

Fri, 10/21
Megablaag Blogger Party
Bar Matchless
set time: 12:00am
other artists: Born Gold and Beat Connection

Sat, 10/22
Popgun Booking Party
Cameo Gallery
set time: 10:20pm
other artists: Art vs. Science, Is Tropical, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs